PHOTOS / RECAP: BoomBox @ The Ogden Theatre, Denver CO, 5/5/12

BoomBox is blowing up. I can’t say it any more simply than that. They’ve got two solid albums, awesome production, killer stage presence, and a following that is as funky and rowdy as any band could ask for. Altogether that adds up to a group that is going places (including Jam Cruise 11), and I will be following them all the way. I was lucky enough to catch their SOLD OUT Cinco de Mayo show at the Ogden with SunSquabi and Mikey Thunder and from beginning to end, I had a blast. Mikey Thunder’s Beastie Boys tribute set got me singing so loud I thought I might lose my voice, and when BoomBox opened their set with their funky rendition of “Shakedown Street,” I was almost positive my voice was gone for good. Luckily you don’t need a voice to dance and I proceeded to get down through house-like beats and crunchy guitar riffs, all the while wishing I had thought to bring a feather boa and a crazy hat. Check out our photos below!

(Special thanks to Hunter Kopp for his photo contributions!)