HBD-CK5! Happy Birthday to Phish’s Chris Kuroda

Happy Birthday to Chris “Topher” Kuroda. Regarded by many as the fifth member of Phish, hence the “CK5” moniker, most fans intimately know his work through his instrument of choice each night — the light board. And I’m always looking for a reason to link to some of Kuroda’s work and his birthday is reason enough. Here are a few of my favorites from this year…

All media from video-extraordinaire,@mkdevo — his top-notch framing of Chris Kuroda’s work is always appreciated. Please remember to watch in the highest quality (HD) on Youtube.

First up is the Crosseyed -> Slave from Atlantic City. Favorite part, the 9 minute mark… ROYGBIV heaven.

Below is the three-song punch from Worcester’s first night. Notice during the peak in the Boogie Jam (23 min mark) how locked Trey and Chris are. Pretty awesome stuff in the moment.

The (20-22:00) minute mark in the video below is one of my favorite examples of Phish and Kuroda working together. The lights and ambient jam blend seamlessly as the band goes from a psyched out Piper into the softer tune, Billy Breathes.

Happy Birthday CK5!

© 2009 Dave Vann