On the same stage that his parents once played as members of the Grateful Dead, Zion “Rock” Godchaux (middle name ftw) and longtime friend Russ Randolph brought a new type of groove to San Francisco’s legendary Fillmore with their group, BoomBox. The group has been undercover killing it in the jamband scene for the last decade making a name with their marriage of danceable beats, improvised guitar licks, and psychedelic flair.

Utilizing russ on sequencers, drum machines, and analog mixers and Zion jamming along on guitar and vocals they have a beautiful blend of ’70s funk rock and ’90s Chicago house music. They transition drum & synth lines the way a house DJ would, but fill the body with funky electric plucking reminiscent of Nile Rogers. And after 10 years of playing together, these two seasoned producers and multi-instrumentalists have a set that feels like a leisurely stroll for them. They feel as comfortable jamming on stage together as the audience does grooving to their smooth dance beats. Check out my photos from the show below!

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