Best Jazz and Heritage Fest ever? !

But let’s be honest — it’s always a tie between the most recent one and the next one. 49 was no exception.

Seven Fest days and 30 minutes of rain ☔. Unheard of.

Unexpected discoveries? Check ✅.

Food (and calories) I’m still working on burning off? Check ✅.

Love in an elevator? . ⁈

, at had some folks head scratching when announced, but they went over big at their only gig of the year. And, as any Jazz Fest vet knows, it ain’t about the BNAs (“big name acts’). While this year was solid the likes of , , , et al. who knew the place would be abuzz over Socks in a Frying Pan from Ireland? Aah, but I digress…

PHOTO GALLERY: Jazz & Heritage 2018 Weekend One

PHOTO GALLERY: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage 2018 Weekend TWO