© Trey Anastasio / Photo by Jake Silco

Tonight is the final night of ‘s incredible run dubbed , an eight-week affair at the in . For the past eight weeks, have been treated to a wildly unique run featuring Trey’s compositions, a string section, and his usual band rhythm section plus or minus a few key parts (like backing vocals). Let’s see what he has in store for the final show.

Here are the from each show prior to tonight; scroll down for Week #8.

Week #1 | Week #2 | Week #3 | Week #4 | Week #5 | Week #6 | Week #7

As a reminder, the show is for free for everyone at home via Trey Anastasio’s new Twitch channel.

We’ll be following along the show from home and updating the below as the evening progresses.

’ Week #8 11.27.20:

Pre-show: Brian and Robert*

* , recorded prior to the run.

Set I: Just A Touch^, Carini, Mozambique, Burn That Bridge, Cayman Review, To Me, Love is What We Are, Pebbles and Marbles%, Drifting, Night Speaks to a Woman, Liquid Time, Fast Enough for You, Shine, Show of Life, Ether Sunday > Simple Twist Up , Slave to the Traffic Light%, First Tube

^ – Debut; stream began with Trey on acoustic and his backing vocals joining him for the song, then they walked onto stage to finish.
% – began with Rescue Squad String Section and horns, no rhythm section until the jam.

The backing band for Week #8 is the full band including horns.

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