is back for his fourth week in a row at the in for a Friday night free livestream via Twitch.

We’ll be following along with the show tonight and writing the and notes below as the show progresses. Follow along here or at Trey’s official channel on Twitch.

’ Week Four Setlist 10.30.20:

Pre-show: Waste*

* – with , recorded a few weeks back.

Set I: Jam^ > Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S., Quantegy, Snowflakes in the Sand#, Mountains in the Mist#, Heavy Things > , Gumbo, Lonely Trip, Pigtail, My Right There, Til We Meet Again%, My Friend My Friend$, Guyute$, More%, Frost$, Alaska, Bounce, Bug > Architect

^ – the livestream started with a video taking us back to with Trey stranded on the platform. As he wakes up from his slumber, he slowly sulks around looking for people while newspapers showing the pandemic and chaos in the streets are part of his path while he gathers his wits about him. Finally, he finds his way over to The and grabs a seat in the audience as the LIVE band segues in perfectly to the jam that was playing as part of the video. Hilarious and very -y.
# – solo acoustic
% – with Rescue Squad String Section
$ – with Rescue Squad String Section and Jeff Tanski

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