The Year of Our Lord 2005 has been good for my budding relationship with .

We talk on the phone, we go for long walks on the beach, I write my posts while he tickles the ivories. Well, not that kind of relationship, I guess, but I haven’t gone a week this year without throwing in some Bruce and marveling at the brilliance and ease with which he plays his grand piano. This man is a true virtuoso, a comedian, a genius…THE MAN.

So here’s some free Bruce from his 10-night run at Yoshi’s in back in November 1998 — if you’re strapped for time, just listen to The Way It Is…that might be the best version of all-time, just a sickening display of musicianship (including a great solo from Kimock):

The Way It Is*
Man Smart Woman Smarter
Tennessee Jed**
Rainbow’s Cadillac**
**w/ and

And as an added bonus, here’s Standing on the Moon with Trey from the Comes a Time benefit. This still gives me chills…

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