PHISH FRIDAY: “Mike’s Groove” (MP3 from Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97)

In case you missed it, Phish dropped a little nugget (only 35 minutes worth) of a preview from the Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97 release that’s due out in December. The 7-CD box set is bound to get tons of airtime on this here blog as the band’s team continues to feed us bloggers with little treats to share with the rest of the fans. They put out a ton of previews when the Live in Utica and Coral Sky DVDs were put out.

And for the first teaser from the box set, the band put out the insane “Mike’s Groove” opener from the second night of Hampton from the run…

MP3: Phish – “Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove” (11/22/97 Hampton, VA)

That moment they start to hit on around 13:00 minutes, arguably the early discoveries of sonic force that would become moments like “What’s the Use?” — man, that is the good stuff. This is a must-download.

Happy Friday, dudes.