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Phish played their second of two nights last night at the ‘ol Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Super strong show and a noted improvement over night one in my opinion.

The show started with “46 Days” and a solid “Water in the Sky” before starting out with the first jam of the evening, “Everything’s Right.” While that had some serious potential, Trey took it to the “Rift” riff a little too early and cause a bit of a ripcord. From there on, it was a seriously incredible show. “Wolfman’s Brother” brought out the funk jam before the band started “Maze” and Trey stepped to the mic to say “it’s back!” following their debut of a different (slower) version at Deer Creek earlier this summer. “Bathtub Gin” was an absolutely stellar version and I’m guessing that will be the official YouTube highlight they choose from the show. I thought it was going to close the set, but instead we got a more fitting closer and a Page highlight of the night with “Rock and Roll” to close the first portion of the show. Great set overall.

Set two launched with “Mike’s Song” and a “I Am Hydrogen” that sounded a little tentative, but as Fishman snapped his share to stop the song he looked at Trey like “what next?!” because they had played “Weekapaug Groove” the night before. Instead, we got “Carini” which brought the darkness back to the vibe of the set. After a great jam, Trey found the riff to “Blaze On” and Fishman was in the middle of this cool beat that allowed everyone to transition very seamlessly. And the same thing happened out of “Blaze On” into “Golden Age” which was just an awesome run. Really great playing all around. “The Howling” emerged next and brought some funk back to the show, and “A Wave of Hope” and “Harry Hood” closed the set strong.

For the encore, we got a three-piece of “Bouncing Around the Room,” “NICU,” and “Slave to the Traffic Light” which must have been a bit of a nod to that pesky Great Woods traffic.

Scroll down to see the setlist.

Phish @ Xfinity Center, Mansfield MA 7.15.22

Set I: 46 Days, Water in the Sky, Everything’s Right > Rift, Wolfman’s Brother, Maze > Bathtub Gin* > Rock and Roll

Set II: Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Carini -> Blaze On -> Golden Age -> The Howling > A Wave of Hope > Harry Hood

Encore: Bouncing Around the Room > NICU > Slave to the Traffic Light

* – killer version


Phish - Maze - 7/15/2022 - Great Woods, Mansfield, MA