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Phish played their third show of Summer 2022 tour in Bangor, Maine tonight and really brought the house down in set two with a tremendous “Down with Disease” jam that clocked in at 30 minutes.

Phish kicked off the show with two rockers, “Free” and “I Never Needed You Like This Before,” both of which got the crowd nicely warmed up. Mike got a tune next, “555,” which had a bit of a swampy pace. “Possum” came next and is always a fun one to see in the middle of a set. “No Men in No Man’s Land” had a nice little jam but nothing that got too far out there, solid Type I, and with “Ocelet” coming next the first set definitely had a summer feel to it. “Reba” was a great version with the band hitting all the notes during the composed section, maybe just one or two divergent sections when the band is all playing around each other, but I loved it and thought it was solid. Trey stepped to his talkback mic and said “Axilla Part II” so we knew that was coming, and it’s amazing to see this song fully return to the sets over the past year with Axilla I being very absent all of a sudden. To start “Run Like an Antelope,” Fishman had a chance to show off his sample pad and triggered two very distinct “Moooooooo” calls that sound like he recorded them from his cows on his farm. So funny.

Set two kicked off with a nice rocking “Sigma Oasis” that stretched out a little bit, and I thought they were bringing it down to “What’s the Use” there but instead Cactus started slapping his bass and “Down with Disease” started cleaning out of the wash of sound and feedback the band had built up to. This version really wasted no time in being interesting, and I found the jam pretty exciting really early, even at the 10 minute mark in the song. But things just kept building and building and this version really just floored everyone in attendance and on the couch. Must-see Phish!

Then the band dropped patiently into “What’s the Use” which was a great comedown moment before the band got everyone fired back up with “Fluffhead” which they nailed. Right from there the band dropped into a great version of “Twist” with some extra shouting on “Woo!” And the band found their way back to “Sigma Oasis” which was being quoted at first but then everyone locked in and they were trading off the “You’re already there!” line with “Woo!” Pretty nice set sandwich there.

For the encore, the band played a great version of the Ween tune “Roses Are Free” before closing out with the frenzied “First Tube” which had Trey doing his full rockstar feedback trick. Incredible show front to back.

Scroll down to see the full setlist.

Phish @ Maine Savings Amphitheater Bangor, ME 7.16.22

Set I: Free > I Never Needed You Like This Before, 555 > Possum, No Men in No Man’s Land > Ocelot, Reba, Axilla Part II > Run Like An Antelope*

Set II: Sigma Oasis > Down with Disease^ -> What’s the Use > Fluffhead > Twist% > Sigma Oasis

Encore: Roses Are Free > First Tube

* – Fishman now has a cow sample 🐮🐄
^ – killer version, ~30 minutes
% – with Sigma Oasis quotes


Phish - 555 - 7/16/2022 - Maine Savings Amphitheater, Bangor, ME