Trombone Shorty @ Jazz Fest 2014 © Jim Brock / LIVE music blog

The for this year’s 50th Anniversary of the Jazz and Heritage has just been announced! UPDATE: the cubes are live! Get your planning started! UPDATE #2: were forced to cancel. :(

UPDATE #3: has been added to the Thursday, May 2nd in ’ place.


I’m beyond excited for this year’s and already reserved my spot for the first weekend. This year’s lineup is a doozy, too. They’ve got The Rolling Stones, Matthews Band, , , , , and even !

Other like , , , , , , , , , Kamasi — wow, this list just keeps on going — will all be there, too. Can’t wait to see some , , ’s Tiny Universe, , , Jazz Band, and dang man even the have some time on stage.

They seriously went all out for this year’s big one. Check out the full lineup on the poster below. Wow. Can’t. Wait.

UPDATE: there have been a few lineup adjustments since the initial post was published at press time. Bob Seger is no longer performing, but Ross is. Not a bad trade.

The Rolling Stones definitely sold-out quickly as well, who will be playing Thursday, May 2nd.

This is really going to be an incredible year.

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