I came across this little fact while watching last night’s episode of The Daily Show (not surprising considering I get pretty much all of my news from watching . was poking fun at celebrity Scientologists and Beck was on the list alongside crazies like Tom Cruise.

As he was reading the cue cards, Stewart’s reaction was similar to mine: “Uh..wait, ’s a Scientologist?” And while this has probably been common knowledge for a while, I don’t usually make it a habit to keep up on the religious practices of musicians. But, I have to admit, this surprised me. Nosing around this morning, I found that this is, in fact, true.

Check out this article, which offers an interesting perspective. It doesn’t really change my opinion that Beck is a musical genius, but it definitely shines a different light on his influences and inspiration. Scientology, while very strange (and a little scary), seems to be part of the recipe that makes Beck who he is. So I suppose it’s okay with me.

Let’s show the guy some respect. I mean, he’s opening a couple of dates for the Rolling Stones for God’s sake. And, as you know, we make it a habit on this blog to not diss people who open for the Rolling Stones.