Beck is a Scientologist?

I came across this little fact while watching last night’s episode of The Daily Show (not surprising considering I get pretty much all of my news from watching The Daily Show. Jon Stewart was poking fun at celebrity Scientologists and Beck was on the list alongside crazies like Tom Cruise.

As he was reading the cue cards, Stewart’s reaction was similar to mine: “Uh..wait, Beck’s a Scientologist?” And while this has probably been common knowledge for a while, I don’t usually make it a habit to keep up on the religious practices of musicians. But, I have to admit, this surprised me. Nosing around the internet this morning, I found that this is, in fact, true.

Check out this article, which offers an interesting perspective. It doesn’t really change my opinion that Beck is a musical genius, but it definitely shines a different light on his influences and inspiration. Scientology, while very strange (and a little scary), seems to be part of the recipe that makes Beck who he is. So I suppose it’s okay with me.

Let’s show the guy some respect. I mean, he’s opening a couple of dates for the Rolling Stones for God’s sake. And, as you know, we make it a habit on this blog to not diss people who open for the Rolling Stones.