announcement season is in full swing around the Internets, and you can add another Florida festival to the list. Even though the event isn’t happening until November, the and Art has announced its 2010 lineup. The festival takes place November 12-14 at Park in Oak, Florida, the same spot as the Music Festival.

In fact, if you think of the Music festival as Florida’s big “Southern Rock” music fest (w/ the Band, WSP, etc…), then you might consider to be Wanee’s funky counterpart, with the likes of , , , and Porter in the top slots. Either way, it’s good to see a few solid Florida fests sticking it out through a tough economy (RIP ).

2010 :

’s x 2

Porter’s Running Pardners x2

x 2
John Brown’s Body x2

Adam and
’s Funky Nation
The Band
Brian Stoltz
Dr. Claw
The Macpodz x2
Lubriphonic x2
The Band
The Legendary JC’s
Avis Berry’s Revue
Matt Grondin Band


Green Hit

Burnin Smyrnans


Artists at Large:

The Shady Horns

Heh. I like that “artists at large” bit, since these festivals are always jam-packed with guest sit-ins. If you’re big on horns and lots of funk, I think this is your fest.

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