Heady Links (Hardly Strictly, Gaga, Beats, WillCall, UM & Groupon)

When I sifted back through my thoughts and photos on this year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, I realized that I hardly had any level of insight over and above what the real music experts (especially those steeped in Americana) would have to say about the three day mega-festival that went down a little over a week ago now. In prepping for the festival I chatted with our LMB NOLA Editor, Wes, and in some ways he felt like it was the dream lineup and it really catered to a lot of the roots music that he really digs. Just like I get excited about stuff like electronica, dance music, dubstep, etc. and he can hardly stand it, I guess I had a hard time coming around to experiencing some of folks, blues and acoustic rockiness of this year’s lineup. I loved what I saw, but I definitely found myself avoiding the crowds at times and just staying on hanging out with my crew over “trying to cover” the festival.

Thankfully for all of us that rested back on our laurels, our friends at JamBase and Consequence of Sound both sent teams and got amazing coverage of the weekend. I did have a great time during the Broken Social Scene set among other things…what was your favorite set?

Lady Gaga has announced that she’s releasing a live DVD from her Madison Square Garden gig from earlier this year. I’ve yet to spend any time watching her live show (even via YouTube) so I may have to give this a spin sometime.

Download the latest Background Beats compilation from our friends over at Coventry Music.

Heard of this new app called WillCall? San Francisco music nerds should definitely pay attention to this one. Lefsetz was the first to post on this, I believe…

Ever the innovators they are, Umphrey’s McGee partnered up with Groupon to book a smaller intimate venue in Chicago (Lincoln Hall) to play a show on October 19th with the two offering up tickets to lucky fans at $20 a piece. Hidden Track did a post on this and noted that it had sold out by 7am. (The Groupon is still live but it’s offering up $20 for the price of 4 downloads from the UMLive store — still worth checking out). Not a bad way to move some tickets there as a tour warmup…