This weekend I’m heading to the experimental town north of Phoenix known as Arcosanti for FORM, a one-of-a-kind event set in this “urban laboratory” designed to be a forward thinking model for what the future may look like as societies re-learn how to peacefully co-exist with nature.

Now in its fifth year, FORM easily attracts national attention and is succeeding in bringing an arts, music and cultural version of what the overall vision of Arcosanti sets out to achieve in the architectural and ecology worlds. And their lineups booked for this year’s festival across the arts, music and cultural spectrums have matched those aspirations and more.

Glancing through the list of some of the other stuff they have booked there has me extra excited as well. Here are 10 things I’m excited to see at this year’s FORM.



Talkhouse is a live podcast that hosts conversations about music and film with the people who create them, and they’ll be doing some stuff directly on site from the FORM musical guests. Definitely a killer spot to be inspired.


The City Itself… and the “Seekers of The Dream” Talk

The whole point of Arcosanti is to inspire and teach, and I’m excited to open my brain up a bit while I’m there. One of the talks is labeled as “Seekers of the Dream” which will be a panel/talk with Andrea Egan (UNDP), Taylor Rees (Nat Geo), and Arcosanti Residents. “From the improbable city, to the impossible world – designing a more sustainable future…”


Men Who Transform The Gender Norm

Join Maceo Paisley (Artist), Ebenezer Bond (EVRYMAN), Mike Sagun (Men’s Coach), and Chris Duarte (Linking Dreams) as they discuss their personal evolutions and the great seismic shifts in our collective notions of what masculinity means today.


Tectonic Echoes

A live, projection mapping artwork of epic proportions created by Klip Collective, who do incredible work that I’ve seen before. Very much looking forward to seeing what canvas they give their team throughout the weekend.



Enjoy intimate performances in-the-round all weekend long in this immersive listening space defined by 8 speaker columns and sound-reactive light. YES PLEASE.


The Remedy

Hayley Rose and Rachelle Tratt share a movement ritual and sound bath to bring you back home, to you. #need


25 Tools for Self-Love Found in Your Kitchen

Learn how to treat yourself with items already in your kitchen with raw vegan chef Cheri Rae. Usual festival food has always needed more of an upgrade and this could be a good learning opportunity for anyone new to raw or vegan food.


For The (Counter) Culture

Every festival tells a story about the current culture and creates a musical footprint in the consciousness of those who attend. Learn more about the power of music, art, and culture to bring people together on values and visions with Manushka Magloire (Afropunk), Chinaka Hodge (Poet), Eleuthera Lisch (Soteria), and Aja Monet (Poet).


Art + Work: The Future of Creativity

As the worlds of art and business continue to collide, creators are seeking ways to sustainably make their art without compromise. The future is a new world that values the direct and impactful relationship with fans and supporters, reduces the dependence on big brands and puts the art first. With Joe Barham (Patreon), Zola Jesus (Artist), and Favianna Rodriguez (Artist/Activist)


Oh yeah… The Music

The lineup is honestly insane, but I’m not even really worried about what I see and what I don’t. The best discoveries are the ones you can’t predict. And with so many other things to do while I’m there, I’m sure the Top 10 highlights I bring back aren’t even on the list above.

If you’re heading to the festival get in touch and let’s chat!