Video: What Phish Sounds Like to People That Don’t Like Phish

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I had to pause this video I was laughing so hard.

(via @YEMblog)

  • SimplySubliminal

    Still better than Bieber.

  • Jamie Breslow funny. I kinda wish they did sound like this..then I wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars a year abandoning my wife and children to see them.

  • John Rose

    It sounds the same as the White Stripes except that it’s not loud enough.

  • Dwayne171738947738827349589033

    I did not know of this phish musical group before but I enjoyed this video very much and find them to be quite talented. I especially like the very modern dress the drummer wears.

  • Sensible Sam

    Interesting … it’s the same way the Dave Matthews Band sounds to anyone who’s not white.

  • gaylep

    The comments section of any article is pure poison. I’ve never experienced before the internet came around so many people spewing such vitriol at strangers.

  • Sammy at Epricity

    Wait, you mean there are people who don’t like Phish?

  • bahbcat

    So they take out half the music, and alter the voice and …then people say it is why they don’t like it. This isn’t at all what Phish sounds like, just some mean joke.

  • G-Unit

    So I think this sums up Phish Phans pretty well… Phish Phans are soooo deep!

  • Jennifer Bouchard

    Its meant to be funny, you know? Funny. Can all you phans please remove the 2×4 from your butts?

  • ToddWcorey

    Perfect! It’s just like how math looks to morons! “If I can’t figure it out, it must be stupid! It can’t possibly be that I’m the idiot!” So many confirmations on this site.

  • Babajingo

    Two things: I can only HOPE and PRAY that Phish someday covers this “song.” That would be an epic event and totally hilarious. Secondly, I’ve never understood why Phish fans get so upset when other people don’t like Phish. That gives us all a better chance at getting tickets in the lottery! Hello!! Plus, if everyone loved them, you’d suddenly be all pissed off about how mainstream they’ve become, that they’ve sold out by playing the MTV music awards or whatever. Put your thinking caps on, people. It’s a GOOD thing that Phish has a small audience. Almost everyone I know thinks they suck. Woo hoo!!!

  • This Guy

    I don’t mind Phish, but I’m not a real fan, either. But this isn’t particularly funny to me, and certainly not funny enough to make me pause it to control my laughter. And yes, the ‘joke’ does go on far too long.

  • christophocles

    The title of the article ought to read “Video: What Phish Sounds Like to People *Who* Don’t Like Phish”.

  • eric egle

    fuckin brillian

  • Ryan

    I want to start a Phish/Rush cover band called Phush.

  • Ryan

    Your favorite band sucks.

  • joejoey

    actually, in my humble opinion, ALL music sucks. get a life people

  • KS

    I’m kinda horny.