What Phish Sounds Like to People That Don’t Like Phish

I had to pause this video I was laughing so hard.

(via @YEMblog)

This Video Went Viral

Even Bassnectar tweeted about it once.

Buzzfeed wrote about it.

“Do people still like Phish? I’m too old to really know, unfortunately. But this is exactly what they actually sound like.” [Buzzfeed]

It blew up on Reddit and even got linked to on Laughing Squid. Crazy.


  1. Perfect! It’s just like how math looks to morons! “If I can’t figure it out, it must be stupid! It can’t possibly be that I’m the idiot!” So many confirmations on this site.

  2. Two things: I can only HOPE and PRAY that Phish someday covers this “song.” That would be an epic event and totally hilarious. Secondly, I’ve never understood why Phish fans get so upset when other people don’t like Phish. That gives us all a better chance at getting tickets in the lottery! Hello!! Plus, if everyone loved them, you’d suddenly be all pissed off about how mainstream they’ve become, that they’ve sold out by playing the MTV music awards or whatever. Put your thinking caps on, people. It’s a GOOD thing that Phish has a small audience. Almost everyone I know thinks they suck. Woo hoo!!!

  3. I don’t mind Phish, but I’m not a real fan, either. But this isn’t particularly funny to me, and certainly not funny enough to make me pause it to control my laughter. And yes, the ‘joke’ does go on far too long.

  4. The title of the article ought to read “Video: What Phish Sounds Like to People *Who* Don’t Like Phish”.

  5. I don’t really like Phish but i’m ok with people who like them. MEGA COVER BAND. Because let’s face it. their originals suck. And as a cover band. they suck too. I heard a Led Zep song done by them and oh my god! Bonham probably made a few spin in his grave.

  6. soon phish kids will call you a racist because you dislike the band and band leader. Oh no! last few weeks have been a blast reading comments.. Now they are crying they might not get tickets because of over the 70,000 envelopes GDTS recieved causing no pre-sale dates and pushed the sale date 2 weeks later.. Whos butthurt now?

  7. I have been to two phish shows. really good seats thanks to my buddy. I like the, I just hate the drawn out 20 minute jams. I must be taking the wrong drugs.

  8. I saw Phish live once. It was easily one of the least enjoyable concerts I have ever seen.. ( I have seen hundreds and hundreds of live concerts of pretty much every genre from classical to black metal, to folk, to hip hop) The songs are mostly way too long and really not that interesting musically, and the concert just went on and on..
    On the 3rd encore (i think) the drummer (i think) came out and started ‘playing’ the vacuum for like 15 minuets. By playing i mean he just let it suck on his lips while they were a few inches from the mic. It wasn’t creative or novel, it was just puerile and unbelievably annoying. At that point i was so very sorry i hadn’t bailed at the beginning of the first encore.
    I know the members of Phish are great musicians, and some of their tunes are groovy, but after reading many of these comments I can’t help but feel that Phish fans are among the most pretentious on Earth.

  9. some people like phish, and some people don’t. Who gives a f***. Yes they are well trained and talented musicians, However, an opinion is always right, because it is yours. For anyone to claim opinionated superiority is only reacting with their unresolved ego. Stop trying to convince yourself that they are good or bad. Just live your life. Listen to what you want to f***ing listen to.

  10. Okay okay okay, Imma gonna let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! We need more art, and less of this “Pop Music”.

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