Weekly Roundup

I think that I would usually wish everyone a happy Monday right about now, but it’s hard to be happy after the Chicago Bears lost the Super Bowl to the Indianapolis Colts last night. Given the conditions and everything else, I’m surprised that the game didn’t look nastier overall. In the end, the Colts simply outplayed the Bears and that’s that.

Lick your wounds with me and catch up on last week’s posts from Live Music Blog

  • Festival Preview
    …a nice-sized aggregation of all the relevant music festival news, festivals reviews, lineup updates, info, etc. Check it out. Tell us what you think.
  • 10,000 Lakes Festival (10KLF) | Artist Additions
    The Disco Biscuits, Keller Williams, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Pnuma Trio, God Johnson, GypsyFoot, Bump, Mr. Blotto, The Burnin’ Smyrnans, and The Heavy Pets…
  • The Police to Play the Grammys
    Confirmed and f***ing amazingly awesome.
  • Wakarusa 2007 | Lineup Updates Announced
    Ben Harper, Backyard Tire Fire, U-Melt, Dubconscious and more…
  • Snow Patrol | 2007 Tour Dates
    Snow Patrol is one of those bands that you known for a long time if you keep your ears tuned in to the music scene … or that you’ve known for just a short time if you only stay on top of current trends.
  • Full RSS Feeds on Music Blogs and Sites
    I’m not sure if we’re just afraid of it or if we honestly think that the only reason RSS exists is to drive visitors to your website, but it’s painstakingly obvious that many sites don’t really use RSS to it’s full potential. Take Pitchfork for example, a site that most everyone interested in any indie and/or DIY-related music and artists frequent. Their RSS feed absolutely sucks. Sure, I get headlines and a few excerpts but the benefits stop there. It’s as if the Pitchfork editors don’t actually subscribe to their own RSS feeds to see how they’re published. If they did, they’d notice that it’s not really readable and therefore hardly usable.
  • 2007 High Sierra Music Festival | Dates Announced
  • Los Lobos | 2007 Acoustic Tour Dates
    And here’s what I love about Los Lobos and why they get the attention they deserve — they follow up last year’s touring schedules with a Spring acoustic tour to smaller markets. They’re mixing it up and appealing to as many audiences as they can be taken seriously in front of. It’s really a smart idea and one that many bands don’t really fully utilize — strip it down, make it special, make it intimate, make it different, etc.
  • Bumbershoot 2007
    After more than 35 years of bringing live music to the Seattle stage, Bumbershoot has worked out the kinks, as recognized by the more-than-150,000 fans who head to the 75 acre music space each year to hear favorite bands and see what’s new in Seattle.
  • Noise Pop 2007
    In early March of each year, the city of San Francisco swells with sound as bands take to the stage in multiple venues for Noise Pop. We’ve been looking forward to this since fall of last year.
  • 120 Days and Ratatat | 2007 Booty-Shakin’ Tour Dates
    If you dig bands that jam out the atmospheric keyboard synths and electronic beats but remain focused on a song, you might like 120 Days and/or Ratatat. Both bands have just set out on massive touring schedules in apparent attempts to dominate the world (or at least some decent-sized rock clubs throughout the Europe and the U.S.).
  • Phish Friday | Deer Creek ’04
    Beginning early on during 2004, Phish fans found themselves driven to quite a ferenzi with the announcement that they’d be breaking up following their 2004 tour; with the band effectively ending their careers together at Coventry, Phish fans had to scramble to take in what was left of the band and what legacy they would have left to give…
  • Perpetual Groove is Back For Me
    A few years back I had started listening to Perpetual Groove, a jamband with a penchant for perpetually jamming. Get it. We groove. We’re a jamband. I really didn’t stay with this band for too long before moving on to bigger and better music (at least to me at the time)…
  • Bloc Party | 2007 Tour Dates
    What do you think of these guys? I’ve never really picked their stuff up but at the same time every time I hear them I tell myself that I need to dig a little deeper…
  • Concert Streams via Fabchannel.com: Cold War Kids in Amsterdam
    So we recently discovered FabChannel.com, a great site for live music fans that has a bunch of high-quality concert videos available for streaming.
  • The Slip on TV
    The Slip to play on Conan O’Brien’s show tonight (airing first thing tomorrow morning EST).

More to come today, folks — lots of news to catch up on…