WATCH: Tycho – “See” [official video]

New video from Tycho is out today for “See”, the fifth track off his Awake release from last year. It was produced with the help of The Creators Project.

Today, The Creators Project premieres the video for “See,” directed by Bradley “GMUNK” Munkowitz, who appeared in our behind-the-scenes features as the design director of Bot&Dolly’s “Box” and the making of the CGI in the film Oblivion.

“See” is a mystic vignette that follows a single heroine’s journey through a series of stunning environments and parallel universes. Rife with shamanic rituals, hypnotic runes, and an elusive, enigmatic stranger who appears to have spawned from nature itself, her journey is presented through full-spectrum as well as infrared photography.

We’re obsessed with Tycho right now, so yeah, you should be, too.