Video has surfaced six years after the fact, of one of the best jams to come out of ’s second hiatus. It’s , , , and (G.R.A.B.) with a 25-minute jam on classic “Who Are You?” from The in 2006. This is as must watch as something can get for LMB readers.

Gordon, Russo, Anastasio, Benevento play “Who are You?” on July 14, 2006 @AllGoodFestival :

- Who are You? - 2006-07-14 - Masontown, WV

Let’s hope more videos surface in the coming days. @Telekinectica uploaded a version of “Mr. Completely” from the same show last week. is by far my favorite side-project, except of course for the pairing of @Mike_Gordon and Leo Kottke. Fingers crossed Mike & Leo have a third album in them. No rush.

Photo of and from The 2006 by J Tolson.

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