Dane Cook’s Worst Bomb Ever Happened at a Phish Show @ Boston Garden 1992

"About 15,000 people threw their shoes at us..."

Dane Cook tells a pretty hilarious story to The Tonight Show’s web audience about how his worst bomb ever actually came as the result of his comedy troupe being placed as openers right before a Phish headlining set at the Boston Garden. He mentions it was 1993 in the video, but the date according to Phish.net is 10/30/92.

Notes: This show was a New Music concert sponsored by WBCN in Boston and included The Levelers, Material Issue, Michael Penn, The Spin Doctors, and a comedy troupe that was booed off stage before their time expired as the impatient crowd clamored for Phish. After Cavern, Trey said that it was his childhood dream to play for the Boston Bruins and this (performing at the Boston Garden) was as close as he would ever get. YEM was preceded by a Somewhere over the Rainbow tease by Trey and a Simpsons signal and included a Jean Pierre tease from Trey.

Perhaps more hilarious is the Nedstalgia post about this show from our friend @neddyo (my emphasis added)…

Even more hilarious and more bizarre was the “comedy” act that went on before Phish. It was some sort of comedy troupe on a stage set up on the opposite side of the Garden and to say they were awful is putting it mildly. To this day, I do not think I have seen someone booed as mercilessly as they were that night. It was the kind of situation where these guys — their best bit was a poor imitation of kung fu movies, as I recall — could have easily sapped all the energy out of the room. But the crowd, who amazingly seemed to be heavy on the Phish fans, wouldn’t let it happen and instead just let them have it. If there had been a long hook in the Boston Garden last night, it would have been used to yank them off stage posthaste. They did finally get the hint and left us to our own anticipation. I imagine that night killed any hopes of an entertainment career for those dudes. I wonder what they’re doing these days. “No really, I opened up for Phish once! I swear!”

Well at least one of those dudes can still get a slot on The Tonight Show so he’s doing alright. Watch the video below:

Worst I Ever Bombed: Dane Cook