Sound Summit announces 2017 lineup: Phil Lesh and Friends w/ Bob Weir, Jim James and more

is an intimate little music festival set in the Bay Area, and they’ve announced their return with an amazing 2017 lineup. Tickets go on sale on June 21 at 10:00am, and trust us, you are not going to want to miss this one!

will be joined by to headline the amazing day of music set for September 9, 2017 at the Mountain Theater on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais. from will be doing some solo stuff, and will also be there. and are also on the lineup. All in all, that is a seriously stacked group of talent right there.

Read on for the full release…

’17 celebrates the 50th anniversary of both the Magic Mountain Festival (the first rock festival in America) and the Summer of Love in fitting fashion as two pillars of the Grateful Dead join forces to headline an eclectic day of music high above the bay on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais.

is staged at the historic Mountain Theater, a 4000-seat natural stone amphitheater with stunning views of San Francisco Bay and beyond. The same venue was the site of the Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Festival in the summer of 1967 – the Summer of Love – a week before Monterey Pop. Over 30 bands including Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, and The Byrds played over two days to a buoyant and colorful crowd and unknowingly birthed a tradition that’s still thriving a half-century later. In that respect, is treading on hallowed musical ground and keeping the vibe alive for a resonant cause.

As its name implies, is an intentional double-entendre – at once a musical gathering and an image of a strong and whole peak. In short, one exists to help sustain the other. Beloved by generations, Mount Tam is a treasure of our local landscape, an ongoing source of natural beauty, fresh air and water, recreation, contemplative activity and inspiration to the Marin County, San Francisco, and greater Bay Area communities.

The success of and the potential for it to remain a joyful and beneficial experience lies to a great extent in your hands. Given the sensitive nature of the environment in which we’re allowed to hold this celebration, it’s key that you tread lightly, respect the mountain, be kind and courteous to your fellow concert-goers, and follow the few rules we ask of you.

Our ultimate aim is to make an annual, sustainable revenue source, a festive event that honors the spirit of the mountain, its legacy, and its many gifts. So come join us for a day of great music and celebration a bit closer to the clouds and help Mount Tam continue to nourish and inspire. Consider your presence some good deed doing for a very special place in the neighborhood. We feel is as much a community spirit as it is a community event. Hope to see you on the mountain!

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