Spoon @ Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale 4/16/08

Our man down in Florida, Drew Gerlach, is back with another review from a Spoon show he saw last month. Drop him some comments if you agree or disagree with his assessments — Spoon live tends to be a topic of discussion with many live music enthusiasts.

I decided to kick off my “Endless” Concert summer a little early with Spoon at Revolution last week. Walking into Revolution, a 1,000 person capacity rock venue, I was transplanted into hipster heaven. Surrounded mostly by black t-shirts and tight jeans, I stuck out like a sore thumb with my white shirt proclaiming “Wilco Now.” But any stereotypes were quickly thrown out the window and I rapidly made friends with my fellow Spoon lovers. The general sentiment seemed to be that people were just happy to get some quality indie bands in our neck of the woods.

Opening for Spoon were the White Rabbits and The Walkman. I missed the White Rabbits but was there when The Walkman took the stage. I was apathetic to their sound, which fluctuated between Spoon, The Killers, Built to Spill, and other indie stalwarts. As soon as they kicked off their set with a painstakingly slow tune, I found my way to the bar and half listened to their detached set. I missed them at Langerado and was bummed, but now I realize it was only fate working her sweet magic.

Spoon stepped onto the stage at 10 o’clock and ripped through a very tight set of songs filled with a heavy sprinkling of their new album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Lead singer, Britt Daniel spared little time talking to the crowd and focused more on mixing his guitar after each song. This was fine with most because I sensed the crowd wanted to get their fill of his music. For me the highlights included every hipster in house singling along to “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb”, an amazing acoustic version of “Summon”, and much to my delight not pandering to the crowd and omitting “The Way We Get By” (made famous from the crappy OC). They finished off an hour and forty-five minute set with two encores with “My Japanese Cigareette Case,” “My Mathematical Mind,” “Monseiur Valentine,” and a classic cover of “Hateful” by The Clash.

Overall, a great set played by a tremendous band, and many happy fans just ecstatic to see them make their way down to South Florida. Spoon definitely killed it this evening.

Here’s a set of photos from the show on Flickr.