Photo by Eric Tsurumoto

The last time I saw Passion Pit was a year and a half ago at a small venue at Swarthmore College. That first time was just after Michael Angelakos’ mixtape for his now ex-girlfriend leaked all over the internet. Their first show was brief yet extremely memorable; even in their early form, you could tell that they were destined to play bigger venues.

Now, coming off the release of the deluxe edition of their first full length record, Manners, the young band is playing venues that seem to surprise even themselves. Angelakos even stopped between songs to admire his accomplishments, commenting “this is f-ing crazy…last time we were in philly we played the basement of a church.” His comment truly expressed the speed of the bands growth in fan base. Their set included all the hits such as Sleepyhead, The Reeling, Moth’s Wings, I’ve got your number, their cover of the Cranberries “Dreams” and truly amazing rendition of their song “Little Secrets.”

I have never felt like a artist or even a photographer, I feel more like a person who sees the need to photograph his life. Still Frames can be uniting forces of emotion, and I feel music photography can be almost a bigger voice than the actual arist. My love of music and a DSLR has brought me to some pretty amazing places. In my first year alone I found myself hanging out in a tent next to the Avett brothers, shaking hands with Chromeo and having Win Butlers sweat fly into my eyes while he belts out the opening lyrics to Wake up. But my true goal is not to have a almost famous moment, but to capture what I see in these artists hoping that future viewers can be inspired to listen and fall in love with the artist the same way as I did.