Benevento/Russo Duo – ‘Play Pause Stop’

Benevento/Russo Duo
Play Pause Stop
© 2006, Reincarnate Music

I’ve been samplin’ the latest album from the Benevento/Russo Duo over the past couple days and I’ve been wholeheartedly impressed, tranced, amazed, stupified, etc.

For those of you who don’t know who Marco Benevento and Joe Russo are, they’re The Duo. They’re currently serving as a back-up band of sorts for Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon’s summer tour (even though they’re certainly not in the background) — affectionately known by fans as GRAB (Gordon, Russo, Anastasio, Benevento) . They’ve wowed audiences over the past few years with their sheer power — both guys easily sound as if they’ve got two extra hands at work — and they continue to prove that they’ve a lot bigger than just two dudes. They play spaced-out jazz rock that is a lot harder to classify and describe than simply calling it “spaced-out jazz rock.”

With that said, this new album is the same ‘ol Duo that many of us have really grown to love over the past year or so. I’ve seen a lot of these songs road-tested already — tons of the shows on the Archive have a few of the tracks off the disc — and they sound just as good live (if not better). These guys are the real deal and I really hope they continue doing what they’re doing.

Go out and buy a copy of this album, and make sure you share these tracks below to turn other people onto the band. These guys need dough to buy more weird-noise toys (even though I wouldn’t normally encourage this).