Relive Your Epic Weekend at Red Rocks with ODESZA with This Massive Photo Gallery

By all accounts this past weekend’s two-night run with at was something to behold, cherish, and wax nostalgic about for years to come. Our friend Rachael McAllister was there to get shots and brought back this epic gallery. —Editor

To some of us, is the ultimate underdog that persevered and now is selling out venues left and right and it’s not going unnoticed. With a loyal and epicly loud fanbase and back-to-back sold-out nights at , the energy was tangible from the second you walked in all the way until you were heard people say how much they loved it as they left. With a visual soundboard to display the deep emotions of the tracks and a drumline (!) that came out of nowhere and thrilled the crowd, there wasn’t a moment that wasn’t charged with excitement. Everywhere you looked people were laughing, dancing and having the time of their lives. The duo was ever so grateful and kept thanking their #fam for the time of their lives. They played multiple new tracks and unleashed the goods that started it all. It was a mesmerizing two days that will stay in the hearts of fans and new followers alike.

Keep on staying gold, , you have become part of the family.

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