PHOTO RECAP: Widespread Panic at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO 6/25/17

Widespread Panic wrapped up their annual run at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Sunday, extending their record at the famous venue with their 54th sold out show. In keeping with tradition, the Sunday festivities started earlier, although this year’s edition was pushed back to a 5pm start time, a couple of hours later than the usual kickoff at 3pm.

Consistently delivering during an extremely memorable run, yesterday’s sets were not short on major bustouts and special nods as they paid tribute to both The Allman Brothers (with an extended “Mountain Jam” tease during “Rebirtha”) and Col. Bruce Hampton (band and crew all sporting shirts that said “GREASE” for the encore and played the frequent Bruce favorite “I’m So Glad” (a Cream cover).

Also of note, two songs that hadn’t seen the light of day since 2001 were brought back for Sunday with “Galleon” and “E on a G” making extremely rare appearances. With the later start time this year, lighting director Paul Hoffman was given some darkness in the encore to once again light up the venue using a quartet of disco balls in keeping with the subtle Studio 54 theme for the occasion.

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SET I: A of D, Tall Boy, Shut Up And Drive > You Got Yours, Galleon, Airplane > Take Off Jam > Rebirtha > Wondering, Good People, North (70 mins)

SET II: Greta > All Time Low, Can’t Get High, Conrad, Saint Ex, Driving Song > Papa’s Home > Goin’ Out West > Pilgrims > Driving Song, Last Dance > E on a G > Last Dance (84 mins)

ENCORE: Jack, I’m So Glad, Can’t Find My Way Home (21 mins)

Notes (via Panic Stream):
‘Galleon’ LTP 7/20/01 Portsmouth (1089 shows); ‘Mountain Jam’ tease out of ‘Rebirtha’; ‘E on a G’ LTP 11/16/01 Charlotte (1049 shows); Band returned for encore wearing Col Bruce tribute Grease shirts; ‘I’m So Glad’ LTP 7/08/03 Columbus (952 shows, 2nd alltime) RIP Col Bruce; Entire show with Edie Jackson, ASL interpreter]