PHOTO RECAP: The Disco Biscuits 2015 Halloween Run

The Disco Biscuits have been having a wonderful year in 2015, despite only playing a handful of shows. This past Halloween weekend in Syracuse was no exception, destroying the college fueled town over two nights. The venues couldn’t have been more different, offering an eclectic experience to the concert goer. On Friday night, the band took the stage in a literal shed, complete with porta-potties and picnic tables. Meanwhile, the Saturday show offered fans a three storied theatre that had great acoustics and premium sight lines. Best of all, the second set brought disco-themed mashups supported by a horns section and female vocalist. Considering the polarizing nature of this band, I’ll save you any specific song recommendations. Just consider that having seen this band consistently since 1998, I will easily state this was one of the best two-night runs I can recall.

Stephen Olker is a social worker by day, photographer by night. Currently living in Jersey City, NJ, he spends a fair amount of time in the empire state. Musically, his roots are deeply cemented in the Phish scene, having been to more than 200 shows since 1997. Beyond following 4 guys from Vermont, you can catch him capturing moments at a variety of festivals and shows all across North America. When not damaging his ear drums, he likes to dabble in landscape, portrait, and street photography. A collection of how he sees things can be found at Twitter @UNOlkerPhoto Email: OlkerPhoto(at)gmail(dot)com