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Continuing on with last week’s inaugural Phish Friday – a loose partnership between Andy Gadiel and I where we bring some Phish mp3’s (live and legal) to the masses for wide consumption and use — this week’s selection is a snippet of greatness from the early days…

For today’s Phish Friday mp3, Andy’s gone and chosen a gem from the beginning of one of the craziest second sets that the band ever played…

This show is noted for its legendary setlist, fun performances, and ridiculous musical teasing. This long version of Wilson included a Simpsons Signal and, towards the end, a freakish jam that included an Iron Man tease from Mike. Reba included a tease of the theme from Woody Woodpecker. Tweezer had a Low Rider jam and a “Straight From the Sewer” rap. Glide subsequently included Tweezer teases. This insane, loose Mike’s Song featured minor lyric changes, three different Tweezer teases, two different Wilson teases, and other teases of Reba, Lizards, and Stash. Mike teased the Esther “circus” theme in Hydrogen, which was bookended by The Vibration of Life. The Rock and Roll All Nite jam was for a fan dressed as Kiss’ Gene Simmons, who the band brought on stage to sing the song’s chorus. Terrapin featured band intros and lots of chatter from Fish, prompting a hurry-up HYHU tease from Page. Fish also performed a lengthy vacuum solo during this tune. The HYHU outro segued nicely into Hood as Fish and Trey switched places. Neither Have Mercy (first since Halloween, 1986, or 479 shows) nor MMGAMOIO were played in their entirety. Walk Away was played for the first time since November 2, 1991 (157 shows).

The show date: 2/20/93. The track: Reba. Epic? Yes.


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