Hilarious Video of Old Dude Headbanging to Metallica

Sometimes you just need a reminder that age is but a number, nothing that’s going to lock you into being a certain way or acting a certain way and not allowing yourself to enjoy your favorite music in whatever way you like best.

Maybe you’re the type of guy that likes to rock out in your car, like really, really crank up the volume and let loose like nobody can see what you’re doing. After all, being in a car is sometimes like driving your own little spaceship and nobody can tell you how to be in your own spaceship, amirite?!

Behold, the internet’s new spirit animal. This guy definitely f***s. He’s cooler than you and doesn’t need me to be the person telling you that, you can just hit play on the video below and be blown away by the absolutely force that is this dude headbanging to Metallica.


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