ODD FUTURE ‘slaps a bitch’ at Voodoo Experience [updated]

This weekend was full of Halloween revelry at the annual Voodoo Experience festival down in New Orleans, which I can’t wait to hear more about once our very own LMB NOLA crew gets their act together and gets some posts published from the weekend. I did get a few texts here and there saying “eclectic…you should definitely come next year” but I haven’t gotten the full lowdown yet.

Our very own Julia Pretus just hyped me to this, though; it appears that the dudes in ODD FUTURE weren’t having all of this “media” access on their set so they decided to rough up the photographers in the media pit during their set. They made this clear from the get-go…

Vyron Turner, aka “Left Brain,” got physical with the less than two-dozen photographers in the pit area. He slung water at them, and then pushed and kicked cameras. The truly shocking moment was when he slapped freelance professional photographer Amy Harris across her face, knocking her camera to the ground.

Hey “Left Brain,” let’s be entirely clear about this — you guys allowed photographers into the media pit which is a decision left up to the band’s discretion, but because you guys didn’t like it and thought you’d win a few brownie points with the crowd, you got all hands and elbows and feet with a bunch of my friends. And all kidding aside on that headline, but what the hell were you thinking when you physically assaulted an audience member while standing around a bunch of dudes in cameras?

Part of me says that I would have never allowed him within inches of my rig without absolutely taking him down with my sheer 100 pounds on him or so, but the reality of the situation was likely that the band was full of a serious dose of adrenaline and bad energy and they chose to project that outwards.

But then the other part of me says that there’s no doubt these dudes are a bunch of f***ing idiots. Look at this nonsense:

Odd Future says Fuck the Press @ VooDoo 2011

The photographer, Amy Harris, will hopefully get some positive attention out of something that was quite a fluke and nothing any fellow photographer would wish on their photo pit mate. And kudos to Amy for slapping right back at ODD FUTURE where it hurts; she still got a photo of the bastard.

Here’s hoping they find themselves a way back into obscurity really quick…

UPDATE: the band is denying that anyone was “slapped” so despite my funny headline, maybe it’s just he-said/she-said. Who cares? Yep, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. “But then the other part of me says that there’s no doubt these dudes are a bunch of f***ing idiots.”
    i guarantee you havent heard a stitch of these people’s music. if you knew how f***ing important this group’s music is to thousands of kids ou there you would take those f***ing words back. i mean, hate on the dude for hitting a girl, no challenge, but don’t you ever EVER f***ing call the members of Odd Future idiots. they’ve helped me through some dark s*** in my life and have influenced me to follow my dreams and not give a f*** about what people like you think. if you still hold on to those words, you’re an ignorant motherf***er and it’s a shame you’ll have to take that to the grave. 

  2. how is a video of them saying “f*** the press” proof that they’re idiots? you’re not an artist. you’re a robot sitting at a desk somewhere criticizing these young frustrated people who are going out inspiring other disgruntled youths, making art, and then having to deal with the pressure of being scrutinized by drones like you who criticize without understanding an iota of the music and the movement they have. please, take your ignorance and spread it to your kids or some s*** don’t communicate your idiocracy to the masses.

  3. Those “f***ing idiots” happened to have hundreds of fans there for them, if they truely are “f***ing idiots” then why were there photographers there to cover the show? The band also said the photographers were told before the show that they could only stay for 3 songs, a request from OF that was ignored. I was at the show so I know what went down, left brain wasn’t targeting this random lady, he was going for the cameras, congrats you Amy Harris, you got your 10 minutes of fame. One more thing… Wolf Gang! FREE EARL THAT’S THE F***ING S*** AND DISAGREE SUCK A COUPLE PIMPLE COVERED DICKS.

  4. What’s funny is that people are arguing that they are artists…if their music was worth a damn then alot of people would have already known who they are by now…guess what it took an unprofessional tantrum and not the music to get my attention. And now I could give two s***s about em…other real artists are busting their ass going out and playing better music.