Wakarusa 2006 This Weekend

Wakarusa 2006 is coming up this weekend, so have a blast out there folks! I’ll try and post any updates I get (I know a guy) but obviously stop by and let me know how the festival is going if you’ve got a chance. Or you can email me and I’ll post whatever you say.

From Wakarusa.com…

Please note that the parade and the costume contest have been cancelled. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Wakarusa

“That’s it, I’m not going anymore if I can’t compete in a costume contest…”

Davy is already on his way, he’s made it by the Arc, and he’s resting up for the weekend of debauchery ahead. Please guys — DRINK BETTER BEER THAN THIS. Also, stay safe out there, guys! I don’t want you to end up like Night Terrors Man at Summer Camp (more on this later).