Trey Anastasio has released the first full track from the Ghosts of the Forest project, the self-titled track “Ghosts of the Forest.” Scroll down to listen to it right away, it’s definitely something Phish fans will really appreciate.

As we got a little sense of from that Rolling Stone article that recently got tossed around, this is definitely a psychedelic departure from some of Trey’s usual songwriting of late. The vocals go deeper on the reverb, and we could be hearing some of that Kaoss pad work from the Baker’s Dozen run be finding itself back into the rig to accomplish some of the effects we’re hearing on the vocals here.

Meanwhile the signature Trey Anastasio Languedoc tone cuts through on the main guitar lead without fail, which keeps its very rooted in a sound that Trey fans will get behind. The production sounds fantastic, too.

The project featuring Jon FishmanJennifer HartswickCelisse HendersonTony Markellis, and Ray Paczkowski begins their tour this week in Portland, Maine.

Check it out the new Ghosts of the Forest track below.

“Ghosts of the Forest”

Ghosts of the Forest


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