Tim Heidecker’s Character in ‘Moonbase 8’ Was A Phish Fan

I’ve been excited to watch the new series coming soon called Moonbase 8 featuring Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker & John C. Reilly. So far they’ve only released a few brief trailers and teasers, but they just dropped another clip from the show that references our favorite band from Vermont, Phish.

Apparently Tim Heidecker’s character owes his whole life to his church following a period where he was way too into Phish and their “drug culture”, including eating too many pot brownies. It all comes out after the trio run out of water and start digging into the reserve of champagne they had saved for a special occasion.

After realizing the only liquid they have left at the base is champagne, Cap, Rook, and Skip discuss what they want their legacy to be once they die.

Watch the clip below. The series premieres next weekend, Sunday, November 8, at 11/10c on SHOWTIME.

Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker & John C. Reilly Are Stuck on Moonbase 8 | SHOWTIME Exclusive Clip