tame impala Matt Sav new song patience headlining coachella playing saturday night live
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Tame Impala have released their first new track in a long while, and it’s a bit aptly titled — “Patience” — very clever!

“Patience” is a new bongo-backed space disco jam, much like some of the output that was flourishing when the madman known as Kevin Parker put together their last release, Currents, all the way back in 2015. And it’s pretty clear that about halfway through the first liten, there’s no major departure here, and that vibe definitely continues until the track finishes. And that’s just a-okay with us if you know what I’m saying.

From the press release:

“Patience” is a mid-tempo chugger of 70’s disco and 90’s house, stoned on the house-made Tame Impala lysergic liquor. A jubilant, confident cut of elegant piano jabs, driving disco drums and Parker’s inimitable vocal style. The track is a lyrical meditation on life’s cycles and phases that ascends to an overwhelmingly blissed out zenith, as our protagonist makes peace with the transience of time. It’s a potent hint at the infinite possibilities for future Tame Impala.

Sit back and groove on this one, it’s a slow burner. 🔥

tame impale release new track patience

Tame Impala - Patience (Official Audio)

The band will play Saturday Night Live on March 30th and we’re guessing they’ll drop another single either right before they play or right after they played. Then they move onto Coachella.