Coachella 2019 has been officially confirmed as the weekends of April 12-14 and April 19-21, 2019. Advanced ticket sales began at 6/1/18 at 11am PDT, but unless you were one of the lucky ones, this is now the screen you see when you head over to Coachella’s homepage here.

Who’s going to be playing Coachella 2019?

To be announced…but that won’t stop us from speculating below…

The latest confirmed rumors have these three as the headliners:

1Kanye West

We had a solid guess on Kanye West already, this totally makes sense.

2Childish Gambino

With Childish Gambino “retiring” it makes sense to go out on a huge bang

3Justin Timberlake

Not sure his recent “man of the woods” phase is landing with the Coachella audience like it should be but maybe he’ll pull a Beyonce and go all out for Coachella.

Here are some other solid guesses.

4The Pixies

Already confirmed with tour dates in California up to and around April, 2019, this one is an obvious bet at this point.

5The 1975

Reddit has confirmed a set of tour dates in the same area as Coachella 2019 will be, so there is no reason to think they’re playing around the festival for their own health. We’re sure they’ll be confirmed on this.

6Tame Impala

The timing of their 2018 dates in California are pretty telling, and notably is that they’re just done with doing Desert Daze (albeit briefly) as well as Treasure Island Music Festival, and now that they’ve come and gone it’ll easily make sense that California will see them again in Indio.

7Flying Lotus

Recently confirmed that his new album is being mixed, it is likely we’ll see him at the festival and hopefully it includes his 3D show.


Already on a Reddit wishlist thread, they just put out a new single and it’s fire. Consider them an obvious pick for a top-tier headliner geared at the younger side of the festival base.


They’ll finally have that new album out. Haha, yeah right. But seriously, they’d be a solid top billing to get the metal heads from the desert to drive out and realize they’ll never score a ticket from the younger richer young people from LA.


This is a big festival year for her. I can see it happening.

11Who do you think is playing?

Drop a comment and let us know who you’ve got some intel on. We’ll totally republish it and say we didn’t. :)