JAUZ Debuts His “Baby Shark” Remix @ Coachella 2019 [Watch Fan Clips]

jauz drops baby shark remix

JAUZ is a guy that’s been teasing a major new remix for fans, although I’d worry he may want to bring his age group up a bit when considering his target audience on this one.

“Baby Shark” is a song that you will know and love someday if you have any joy in your heart and you’ve ever seen a little kid geek out to how fun the song is. There’s something programmed in there that just makes people happy. And JAUZ broke it out on the big stage and on the live stream.

Check out video of the remix below.

Here’s a few tweets showing the actual progression on how it went down:

Pretty much been building up his whole set for this, like taking out billboards to tease it.

Here’s a cute little kid geeking out on Instagram hearing it:

Pretty hilarious that he took “Baby Shark” into Darude “Sandstorm,” pretty much just breaking the fourth wall there and saying he knows he was throwing down some silliness. Dude looked like he was having fun up there, though.


We’ll have the official video once we see it posted, no doubt an official VIP candidate for someone to drop by Sunday.