The have officially launched an Instagram channel with … nothing so far. “No Posts Yet.” Could this mean a reunion is coming?! 🤔

probably not. But we’d certainly celebrate like crazy if there was even a tiny chance that the original foursome of , , and got together to celebrate the band once more. 🥳🍾🎉🎊🥂🍻

It is notable perhaps that the band chose earlier today to drop this on their official Facebook page:

Whatever it turns out to be, it’s probably just the logical extension of the band’s official Facebook page. The first followers of the account give the clue there, and the account itself is following the six relevant active related accounts already on the platform.

Clearly the first followers prove it’s the work of the team that still works on the band’s legacy, namely ‘s crew. The first three followers are Harrison and two guys on his team.

In case you missed it, Harrison will be joining and for a 40th Anniversary of the album, Remain In Light, at multiple music festivals next summer. So I wouldn’t expect to see a double-dipping of bookings if a true reunion was actually getting scheduled.

Take it for what it is at press time: a new social media account. 💯

Head over to the IG page to stay tuned in there.

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