In case you may have missed the initial news drop recently, it looks like will be teaming up with (from the ) and for an event celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the incredible album, Remain In Light. Belew was part of the band in support of the album and Jerry signing on gives this the full measure of authenticity that would be required to give it a bit of your attention.

w/ & : REMAIN IN LIGHT TURNS 40 will go down at next year’s Floyd Fest, and according to Belew’s Facebook page, we’re going to see more of this soon. Today the 2020 festival was announced, and low and behold, there they are.

They’re promising more festival above and beyond that, too, and given the expected success, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them bring it out further.

Jerry Harrison was quoted that it’s been a long time since he’s toured, but once he “started producing Turkuaz, [He] started to think. I’d love to play ’ songs again” and he goes on to say that he thinks Turkuaz has a unique understanding of the music enough to play it. “Once Adrian signed on it was clear we could recreate the excitement and joy that was achieved in Talking Heads iconic 1980 Rome concert,” Harrison said of the upcoming collab.

This could be massive. Watch the original Talking Heads in Rome 1980 video below for an idea of what they’ll be going for.

Talking Heads - in Rome 1980 [Full Concert]

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