Shout Out Out Out Out @ SXSW 2008The first day of the SXSW 2008 music festival brought tons of fantastic music my way, and Shout Out Out Out Out was one of those bands that we stumbled upon on our way to another day party. They were playing to about 10 people at the Beauty Bar, a tiny dump of a bar that used to a beauty parlor. The band was kicking out some serious dance music, which is described quite nicely in their latest press release: “Shout out out out out = two drummers + four bass players + two samplers + five synthesizers + two vocoders. This is volatile dance music.” That sounds about right to me. I told the guys that I needed to stay and check it out and I think I was the only one that was fairly blown away. In fact, I was totally blown away. These guys put up some seriously fun tunes and I hope they announce some more dates on the just-announced U.S. tour dates.

Shout Out Out Out Out | 2008 Tour Dates

NEW YORK, NY: CMJ, October 22-25
LONDON, ON: Call the Office, October 26 w/ Stereo Image
WATERLOO, ON: Starlight, October 27 w/ Stereo Image
OTTAWA, ON: Barrymore’s, October 28 w/ Stereo Image
MONTREAL, QC: Les Saints, October 29 w/ Stereo Image
TORONTO, ON: Lee’s Palace October 30 w/ Stereo Image
CHICAGO, IL: TBA, October 31 w/ San Serac
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: TBA, November 1 w/ San Serac
WINNIPEG, MB: Pyramid, November 2 w/ San Serac
SASKATOON, SK: Louis Pub, November 3 w/ San Serac