SETLIST: Radiohead @ Quarry of St. Triphon, Switzerland 9/20/12

Radiohead returned to the road after almost two months off in Switzerland tonight. The site of the show is one of the more unique venues in the world and apparently marks the first time a concert will be held there. This is the first show of the rescheduled European dates that were postponed by the stage collapse (which resulted in a crew members death) in Toronto this past July. Read on for the complete setlist from this amazing Switzerland venue.

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Radiohead 9/20/12 Setlist:

01 Lotus Flower
02 Bloom
03 15 Step
04 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
05 Kid A
06 Morning Mr Magpie
07 There There
08 The Gloaming
09 Separator
10 Pyramid Song
11 Nude
12 Staircase
13 Paranoid Android
14 Feral
15 Little By Little
16 Idioteque
17 Climbing Up The Walls
18 The Daily Mail
19 Myxomatosis
20 Reckoner
21 Identikit
22 Everything In Its Right Place

Reports from @RadioHeadLive via ateaseweb said a few soundchecked songs were “A Wolf At The Door”, “Morning Bell”, “IMBW”, “Twisted Words”, “Airbag”, “Supercollider”, “Ful Stop”, “Skirting On The Surface”, “CUTW”, “Telex”, “Talk Show Host” and “Lotus Flower.”