RAQ to Host Festival in New Woodstock

Straight from the source (thanks Ed), RAQ will be hosting a next weekend. I’ll be in North Carolina, but there’s no reason that you shouldn’t go.

Lew-au in August
Vermontband (who have IT) will hold an Amy’s Farm-like free — a two-day party of camping and in the spirit of a festival on a magnificent farm — August 19-20 in New , NY, including , , Arianna Claire and Friends, Chiefs, Trusty, and Optical Delusion.” from .net

Anyone going? Send us a review when you get back; I’d love to hear how it went. Also, look for some RAQ in an upcoming Jamcast or two. I’m looking to get some high quality soundboards of some of their most recent stuff. From what I’ve heard, I think I might enjoy this band a lot more than I currently know…

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Written by Justin Ward

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