Pink Floyd Releases Catalog On Spotify

In the biggest news for the massively successful Swedish-based streaming service since Metallica rolled out their music on Spotify in late-2012, Pink Floyd has now released the great majority of their storied catalog for the 24 million plus users of the service to enjoy. In a novel move, @PinkFloyd announced on Thursday that their catalog would be available as soon as “Wish You Were Here” reached one million streams. Wish no more – there are now sixteen LP’s, two best of releases and an original film soundtrack from Floyd available on Spotify.

What will you listen to first?! Eyeing the bonus live material from Dark Side Of The Moon myself…

…and since we’re on the subject, here’s my personal favorites:

Top Five Pink Floyd Albums

1. Animals
2. Dark Side of the Moon
3. Meddle
4. Atom Heart Mother
5. Piper at the Gates of Dawn