phish fenway park night two

Phish just finished up their second of two nights at Boston’s famed Fenway Park where the Red Sox call home. Sadly the show was mega-delayed on getting started, but thankfully they just hit the stage with “Carini” once they could finally go on which got things rocking hard early.

Keeping the energy up with “Possum” and “Set Your Soul Free” getting some jam treatment early, it was great to see that the band was going to pack in as much action as possible. “Thread” is a song that appeared for the fourth time and first time this year, a composition in later 3.0 years that hasn’t been given enough time to grow yet.

“Wolfman’s Brother” was a solid version while sadly “Reba” felt a little messy in spots, Trey got caught in the wrong key at one point and seemed to have trouble popping back into the right spot.

“Back on the Train” brought the shuffling energy back to the stadium and got the crowd dancing, and the first real apt song-choice of the run shows up with “Mound” which hardly ever appears nowadays. “About to Run” was a nice slow-down and chance for Trey to let loose a bit, a very welcome addition the setlists these days.

“Down with Disease” could probably be serving as the start of a second set full of a bit more explorations into sound, although tonight’s show kept the song choices frequent and the jams shower. “Simple” appeared next and started to get pretty Type II and weirded out, but I think they didn’t stay too long and got into “Backwards Down the Number Line” before moving back into the silliness of Kasvot Växt “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long”.

“46 Days” somehow kicked off maybe the weirdest segment of the show, not normally such a straight ahead version anymore, but somehow it made its way into “What’s the Use?” which achieved some very cosmic and chilled out minimalism in segments. Love it when this song can just relax. But hilariously the band went into “Mexican Cousin” next. LOL wut.

The “Also Sprach Zarathustra” dance party next paved the way for Trey fitting in as much as he could to finish off the night, but they did get an extended curfew for sure. “Split Open and Melt” and “Suzy Greenberg” closed the show, while “Rise/Come Together” started the encore and the rocking “Wilson” finished off the run.

Phish @ Fenway Park, Boston, MA 7.6.19

Set I: Carini > Possum, Set Your Soul Free, Thread, Wolfman’s Brother, Reba > Back on the Train, Mound, About to Run, Down with Disease* > Simple > Backwards Down the Number Line > Death Don’t Hurt Very Long > 46 Days > What’s the Use? > Mexican Cousin > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Split Open and Melt > Suzy Greenberg

Encore: Rise/Come Together > Wilson

* – Trey changes “dancing on my lawn” to “dancing on my field”

Live from Boston 7/6/2019 Set I Opener