These fliers just appeared at Primavera Sound

These fliers on the ground at the festival sure make that look likely that Pavement is returning after they reunited many years ago, this time only for two performances — Primavera Sound 2020 in Barcelona and Porto. Scroll down to see it in full glory…

Lately Stephen Malkmus sorta gave this Pavement reunion rumor some credibility by saying that he could see a reunion by the seminal indie band as “realistic.”

Now with these announcements being leaked out at Primavera Sound as it’s happening, like the news that they’re expanding into LA, it’s seeming very likely that we’ll get an official Pavement announcement pretty damn quick here.

UPDATE: a video just ran pre-Rosalia that confirms the appearance and it’s now live across their social media channels. This is DEFINITELY happening. 💯

Get your money saved for this.