Not Everyone is a Phish Fan Now

Yesterday felt like a really special day to me. I was generally buzzing the entire day after the news was confirmed that Phish was getting back together. It’s especially fitting for me given that this blog started around the band’s tour in 2004 leading up to Coventry. Now that they’re coming back, I’m excited for the possibility to cover some of the shows on this site and I generally think the whole internet is going to get a boost in Phishiness if they really play more than a few dates during 2009. But I’m also not looking forward to competing for tickets to the Hampton shows, and neither are any of the other serious fans that would feel that it’s their destiny to see these first reunion shows.

Even though all the hotels are already sold-out in the area, it doesn’t look like everyone is thrilled about the return of the band. From John in the comments bucket:

I am a music fan. I have thousands of albums in my collection. A friend gave me 3 Phish albums. Over the months, every time I heard a garbage song, I would look and sure enough, it was Phish. I did something I have never done before or since. I deleted every Phish song from my collection. Their music is pure garbage.

Hey man, you gotta give them a chance. Trey is sober now. I personally think they’re going to rip. Maybe you’ll like their new tunes, too. You’ll most likely hear them on the radio when they return. Most sites on the internet that you read will definitely cover the news of their return. It’ll be especially interesting when Pitchfork starts covering the band, too; I predict they’ll be a bit more positive this time around.