Mike Gordon Posts New Clip with Leo Kottke

Yesssss! Mike Gordon from Phish just posted a new clip on his socials showing him in a rehearsal space with Leo Kottke. There’s a mic set up between them, so perhaps this is also something they’re laying down on wax today as well.

We knew they were back working together, but this is exciting to see in the flesh. And it’s even more exciting to see charts of what looks like a new song called “Ants”, perhaps some set of new songs we’ll finally see laid down on a proper new album. I’m very aroused right now.

UPDATE: I’m told the Leo tune has been in the rotation for a bit, just never recorded. Perhaps this is when we’ll finally hear a studio version of it.

Check out the clip below.

Also set your calendars today for 6pm when SiriusXM is teasing something new from the duo. Double yessss!