Mike Gordon Shares Video Clip & Photo From Studio Sessions With Leo Kottke

Mike Gordon shared a clip today on his socials showing an old friend of his — Leo Kottke! You’ll remember that Gordo and Kottke have recorded a few albums together, which have been fan favorites for a while now. I was always an especially huge fan of the song “Clone” with the duo recorded together.

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon - Clone

Fans have been itching to see some activity between the duo again and this clip solidifies that they’re at least recording something together.

Who knows what will come of it. But scroll down for the clip and get at least a little bit excited. And with Page back with Vida Blue and Trey always keeping busy with side projects, maybe we’ll see some Leo Kottke x Mike Gordon dates next year?!

UPDATE: a few days later Mike shared a photo on his socials.