Mike Gordon Guests on Tom Marshall’s Latest ‘Under The Scales’ Podcast [Part One]

Mike Gordon is gearing up for a solo band tour this spring and Phish is going to be doing their Riviera Maya run quite soon, but ahead of that, he dropped by and visited with an old pal and recorded a podcast for us.

Fans know Tom Marshall as one part of the songwriting process that Trey Anastasio employs from time to time, and as of recent he’s the main man behind the Under The Scales podcast.

And on today’s Part One of their interview and podcast chat, we get to hear them kick right off with the discussion of Phish’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza for “Mercury > Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.” and how Mike felt floating up there (among other things). And you will not want to miss what Mike talks about (and shows off from his phone) on where the Kasvot Växt thing came from.

Next Monday, we’ll get the Part Two before Tom Marshall heads down to Mexico for Riviera Maya.

Listen to the podcast below.