Lollapalooza has officially announced their lineup. This is quite exciting for anyone living near Chicago; hell, this is a cab ride away for me. I now have to choose between other plans this weekend or a sick-ass festival in the heart of beautiful Chicago. It’s not an easy toss-up, so I hope to know more soon…


Lollapalooza 2005
July 23rd & 24th
Grant Park
Chicago, IL



Death Cab For Cutie

Kaiser Chiefs
Louis XIV
Tegan & Sara

Blue Merle
The Redwalls
The Changes

[- WOW! I’m learning just now that is seemingly making a comeback, and I wouldn’t want to miss these guys if you have the chance.]
Brian Jonestown Massacre
[- WHAT THE BILLY [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]$#[email protected]#@]
The Bravery

& Special Sauce

Sound Tribe

VHS or Beta
Ambulance LTD

World Leader Pretend
(lineup poached from More Cowbell)